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2017 FAST40+ Class Update


Zephyr,GP42,Fast 40+

FAST40+ Class President, Robert Greenhalgh sums up how the class is shaping up for 2017. The class is committed to keep overall costs down, and news of overseas teams that will be racing on the circuit.

“For the 2017 season, we have made some tweaks and changes to the class rules and the events but our overall aim is the same: Fast fun close racing in the Solent, keeping the cost of racing affordable. The class is shaping up for a fantastic season, there are a couple of boats on the fringes and I wouldn’t be surprised to see 15 boats at the One Ton Cup in September.”
“The number of professionals allowed has remained at five, and we have limited the number of sails and IRC certificate changes for the season, all in an effort to keep costs down. Several teams are modifying their existing yachts and there are two new FAST40+ in build. The teams that raced in 2016 now have a season on the water under their belts. All of this is pointing to even more competitive racing. Currently we have 13 very solid contenders, and we welcome back our German friends on Silva Neo, and offer a warm reception to the Hitchhiker crew from The Netherlands, both of whom will join us for the 2017 season.”

More news on winter work for individual teams coming soon…