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Elvis 16

TEAM: Elvis
OWNER: Filip Engelbert
BUILDER: McConaghy
BOW: #16

Base: Hamble Yacht Services










We are a full on Swedish team having a mix of older experienced and young talented sailors onboard. We like a challenge and a strong believer of having fun on the water and on shore. The Solent is always an interesting racing arena especially in those top fuel racing boats. We are a humble team and know we have plenty to learn from all experienced competitors. Nevertheless our goal is to challenge the top in the future.- Calle Hennix, Boat Captain Elvis.
Crew for One Ton Cup 2017:
Helm / Owner: Filip Engelbert
Tactician: Mikael Lindqvist
Nav / 2nd Runner: Jimmy Hellberg
Main: Johan Tillander
Trim: JC Eriksson
Trim: Anders Lewander
Grind: Julius Hallström
Runners: Jakob Gustavsson
Pit / Tail: Calle Hennix (Boat Captain)
Sewer / Mast: Joakim Ekdahl
Bow: Gustav Petterson