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Signal 8

TEAM: Signal 8

  • OWNERS: Jamie McWilliam, Matt Hanning, Patrick Pender
  • YACHT NAME: Signal 8
  • DESIGNER: Jason Ker – Ker 40*
  • BUILDER: McConaghys 2011; Hull mods by Corby Yachts 2017
  • BOW: 15

The team are primarily based in Hong Kong but with global (particularly, Irish) connections. Their Corinthian status is enhanced by the presence of some mates good enough to be professionals.


Team Members:

  • Bow:               Ewan O’Keeffe             IRL
  • Mast:              Simon Hanning             AUS
  • Pit:                  Mick McCool                HKG
  • Sewer:            Violette Fung                HKG
  • Trim:               Graham Curran            IRL
  • Trim:               Matt Hanning               HKG
  • Main:              Andy Pilcher                 NZL
  • Helm:              Jamie McWilliam         HKG
  • Tactics:           Jamie Boag                   HKG
  • Nav:                Chris Frost                    GBR
  • Grinder:          Aaron Power                IRL

Support Team: John, George and Lara McWilliam